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Introduction to CFDs

What are CFDs?

CFDs are a popular way to trade online.  They can be simple to understand and have the potential to generate great profits for traders!  But how does one get started in this lucrative online product?
Well first, open an account and knowledgeable representative will get in contact with you see what the best financial path will be for you.  Then you can get started trading on the platform and put your trading skills to a real-life test.


CFD trading has many moving parts, here are some terms you should know:


  • Assets:

Assets are offered on the market.  Positions are opened on assets.  There are 4 types of assets offered: stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices.  We also offer a subset of currencies called cryptocurrencies, which are not distributed by a regional authority such as a central bank. While you might not know what each of these is right away, check out our asset index and you’ll be surprised with how familiar you really are. Assets can be relatively steady or become volatile.  It all depends on market conditions.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with our market tools: an economic calendar, a market review, and in-depth analysis by our team of experts to best understand when to enter and leave the market.


  • Platforms and Brokers:

Not all platforms and brokers are created equal.  That’s the first thing to know.  YORKCG is recognised throughout the industry as one of the best CFD brokers.  We offer you access to a responsive platform and an amazing education centre which makes trading both fun and potentially lucrative. Additionally, our clients are able to count in full customer support from a personal account manager.  We offer flexible account options and the chance for you to personalise your trading journey.  Open an account today to get started.


  • Trading Strategies:

Trading strategies are essential to making sure you are as profitable as possible.  You can learn about strategies and how to analyse the market in our education centre.
Most of these techniques can be used by both beginners and advanced traders to boost their earnings.  But don’t worry, although it can take time to become a trading master, you can still place orders and profit just from intuition and the assistance of your account manager.
Get started trading today and see what CFDs are all about for yourself!

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